Saltburn Food Festival 2017

I had no idea what Saltburn Food Festival would be like. I’d chatted to other traders who had all told me that it would be busy and that I’d sell out and so I had come prepared with an excess of batter and fillings.

Being a food festival, I expected there to be some discerning palettes wandering around seeking culinary thrills and so I tweaked my menu accordingly. I had ordered some extra tubs of delicious red pesto from my local supplier, Helen’s Hummus, extra jars of both honey and red onion chutney from Acorn Preserves and a huge wedge of Yorkshire Blue cheese from Shepherd’s Purse. I was really looking forward to extolling the virtues of these local products while food critics from the region ‘nommed’ their way through a crepe, nodding in agreement.

After finding my position for the day (after my second drive through Saltburn) I began to set up. Because the streets were all closed for the festival, we were literally taking over. I parked on the road side and only really noticed the slope I was on when I began serving, having to pour the mix at the top end of the hot plate and then race to catch it before it rolled over the bottom edge.

Busy? Doesn’t describe the day fully. From 10:30am until 3:30pm (when I ran out of batter) I had a queue. As such, I was making my up-hill crepes for 5 hours solid. It was a beautiful day too (one short-lived rain shower aside) and so people had come out in their thousands to sample the many products on sale.

It very quickly became clear that the crepe connoisseur’s I was expecting in droves were edged out of the queue by the people wanting the perennially popular fillings of Nutella and lemon with sugar. Who am I to complain? If people are enjoying what I make then it’s a win-win situation, particularly as I now have a personal stash of pesto and Yorkshire Blue at home that needs eating!

I was happy to sell out of stock despite having a further 2 and a half hours of selling time left as it meant I could now wander round the remainder of the stalls and try their wares, unfortunately after leaning up-hill for five hours to counter the slope I was on, I had an acute case of the wobbles on level ground. That didn’t deter me from my choice of a vegan chilli burger from the Green Guerilla (I’m not a vegan, I’m a hungry bloke) a food stall that I’m a particular fan of.

All in all, a great day. I’m looking forward to 2018 with gusto and with a plan to get level parking.

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